Thursday, November 30, 2017



A highly anticipated event is quickly approaching.  Child's Play is an annual charity game night hosted by the eSports club.  It is a night of gaming and fun that brings the community of Washingtonville together.  There will be a variety of games available, ranging from video games to fighting games, which means there will never be a dull moment.  If a night of friends, family and gaming isn't enough, the eSports team will also be holding competitions with prizes to give away. 

Whether an avid gamer or one just looking for a night of fun there is something to do for everyone.  Co-Coach of the Overwatch Team, Cassidy DeLeon, expressed, “People can expect a high energy environment full of gamers and non-gamers alike coming together for a night full of fun, treats and an overall good time.  There is also the added benefit of giving proceeds of the night to charity.”

Not only is this event a night of fun, but it supports a good cause as well.  The money raised at this event will go to the Child's Play Charity. According to their official website,, “Child's Play seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic abuse shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the power of play.”  Child's Play is a game industry charity that works to improve the lives of children in over one hundred hospitals.  This organization works with hospitals to set up wish lists for games, toys, books and necessities for kids.  They also take donations to purchase new consoles, games, toys, more hospitals and therapy facilities. 

When speaking about the importance of the Charity Games Night, Mr. Calderin, advisor of the eSports team, explained, “Child's Play is a charity event that started four years ago.  The purpose for this was to give back, by helping families in need.  For me, personally, it's the illness of my brother.  My brother was hospitalized at a young age.  He managed to recover, but was disabled. We bonded through games.  I got to see the healing power of games first hand.  For the club, we want to use our numbers to give back.”

Child's Play Charity Game Night will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Friday, December 1st.  This event will take place in the high school’s cafeterias.  To sign up, see Mr. Calderin, or visit the eSports table at lunch.  Everyone is encouraged to attend, but anyone under the age of fourteen must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. 

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