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Matt Benson is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  He is a member of the Media and Journalism class at WHS.  Matt plans to major in either Journalism, Communications, or Sports Communications.  He is a three year president of the Sports Journalism Club, and the treasurer of the Social Justice Club.  He recommends the Media and Journalism class to any junior interested in any type of journalism.

Kristen Boerke is a senior at Washingtonville High School and the captain of the Washingtonville Cross Country Team and Track and Field Team, where she specializes in sprints, jumps, hurdles, and the pentathlon. She is involved in many organizations at WHS such as the National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, Best Buddies, and the Community Service Club.  She is also apart of the Chamber Choir and immensely enjoys music.  Kristen has a passion for athletics, photography, and making others laugh. She hopes to become a Speech Language Pathologist while participating in Track and Field in college.  

Lindsey Bullerdick is a senior at Washingtonville High School. She has a deep passion for communications and media which has led her to create many short films throughout her high school career.  She is planning to attend Montclair State University to study Television Production and Film. Lindsey continues to enjoy the Media and Journalism class at WHS and she encourages the underclassmen to explore the art of digital media through this course! 

Tucker Cergol is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  He is a two year varsity football player and is one of the only Washingtonville lineman to ever record an in game reception. Tucker is an active member in the Sports Journalism club and has a true passion for sports.  He also coaches a 3rd grade boys and girls basketball team to try and help them improve their understanding of the game.  Tucker is not sure where he will be attending college just yet, but he would like to major in Journalism/Reporting and one day looks to become a sports reporter.  Tucker will always have blue and gold in his blood and is a Wizard for life.

Samantha Crouch is a senior here at Washingtonville.  She is currently the President of the National English Honor Society and an editor for the yearbook.  Sam is also a part of NHS, NAHS, Masque and Mime and is a peer tutor.  Samantha is excited to go to college in fall to pursue a degree in either Communications or Psychology and would recommend taking Journalism to any junior considering a career in communications.  

Michael DePaolo is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  He has been on the track team for almost 4 years and is still continuing with it.  He is currently doing pole vault and discus for the team. Mike plans on majoring in Criminal Justice in college and also plans to get a job with his uncle afterwards.  I would recommend the Media and Journalism class to all juniors with any interest in Journalism.

Robert Eichner is a senior at Washingtonville high school.  He is involved in football, as well as  being a full time AP course taker.  He has played varsity football for two years and assisted the team as one of the five varsity captains.  Robert does not know which college he is attending, but would like to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering.  After achieving a bachelor's degree, the final goal would be to join the United States Marine Corp's aviation wing. 

Taylor Fagan is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  She has been a competitive and sideline cheerleader throughout elementary, middle, and high school.  She hopes to continue her cheerleading career throughout her college career.  Taylor’s favorite part of the day is going to her Media and Journalism class. She encourages underclassmen to take the opportunity to be a part of the BGTV family during their senior year. 

Megan Fico is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  She is involved in extracurricular activities such as cheerleading, Student Coalition, and Best Buddies. She will be attending college in the fall of 2018 as a Biology major to become a pediatric nurse. Megan’s advice for underclassmen is to participate in clubs and events throughout the school and make the most out of your time in Washingtonville High School.  She also recommends students to take the Media and Journalism class if they are interested.

Andrew Fitzpatrick is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  He is a 4 year varsity golf player, and this is his first year on varsity basketball.  He is an Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook Club, and he is the co-president of the Sports Journalism Club.  He was recently inducted into the National Honor Society.  He is also an active member in St. Mary’s where he serves as an alter boy on Sundays.  He also tries to coach the youth in basketball and baseball.  Andrew is not sure where he is attending college yet, but he wants to major in Business Administration and be a sports agent.

Claudian Francis is a senior at the Washingtonville High School.  Claudian is actively involved in the Youth in Government Organization where she travels across the state to speak publicly on global issues, engages in mock trials and debates, serves in model government and meets with local legislators to help ratify laws for a more promising future.  She has also been a dancer for eleven years, an Academic Worldquest competitor, and a member of the National Art Honors Society.  Claudian has an exciting year ahead.  She will be competing in the Miss New York Teen USA 2018 competition in January.  Previously, Claudian won the title for Best Interview.  As an official state finalist representing Orange County, Claudian is an advocate for her platform on education and empowering youth.  She plans to fulfill a successful career as a Lawyer in the future.

Jeremy Gutierrez is a senior attending Washingtonville High School.  He is a 4 year varsity baseball player, and also spent his first 2 years of High School playing freshman, and JV basketball.  He is seeking to play baseball in college at either SUNY Plattsburgh or SUNY New Paltz, and is planning to major in Computer Science in college.  Jeremy has a strong passion for sports, and is very active throughout the school.  You will see him at most school sporting events supporting his classmates.  He is also extremely proud to be a part of the BGTV family.

Caroline Hart is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  As a freshman, Caroline started running outdoor track and cross country.  This year, Caroline decided  to place running on the back burner in order to focus on school and her favorite class: Media and Journalism.  Her plans are to attend  Quinnipiac University where she aims to earn  a degree in  Special Education.  She endeavors to one day be a special education and/or elementary school teacher.

Brogan Johnson is a very involved student in the Washingtonville School District.  She is an active member of numerous clubs such as Student Coalition, Best Buddies, Foreign Language Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and National Honor Society.  Within some of these clubs, Brogan holds officer positions of Vice President for Student Coalition and NHS and Secretary of NEHS.  After graduation, Brogan hopes to obtain a degree in Fashion Business Management and pursue a career in fashion product development.  

Devin Lewis is currently a senior at Washingtonville High School.  He is a 2 year varsity basketball player and loves helping his team do whatever it takes to win.  His passion for sports goes beyond playing.  He enjoys watching, coaching, and even writing for all sports. In school, he is an active member in clubs such as Sports Journalism and Student Coalition.  Devin is excited to attend college next fall but is not sure what he wants to do or where he wants go just yet.  Devin has great pride for Wizard Nation and will be a Wizard for life. 

Kaitlyn Metichecchia is a senior at Washingtonville High School. She is the President of The Gay-Straight Alliance and Masque and Mime as well as a member of cast and crew.  Kaitlyn is also actively involved in the Tri-M Music Honor society, National Art Honor Society, and National Honor Society. Ever since elementary school, Kaitlyn has loved music and performing, a love that has followed her into high school and hopefully college. She wishes to pursue a career in the world of entertainment. 

Gabriella Markgjonaj is a senior at Washingtonville High School.   She is a part of iDecide, Best Buddies, and a student leader of Safe School Ambassadors.  In addition, she is the president of Student Coalition.  She was a part of the cheer team for all four years of high school.  She will be continuing her education at SUNY Oneonta in the fall of 2018 with a major of Fashion Marketing and Management.

Emily Nagle is a senior here at Washingtonville High School.  She is a three year starting varsity softball player. Emily is also an active member in IDecide, a club that educates fifth graders about the harm of using drugs and alcohol.  Emily will be continuing her softball career at the State University of Plattsburgh in the fall of 2018. 

Melissa Nolan is a senior here at Washingtonville High School. She is actively involved in many sports and extracurricular activities such as girl’s soccer, lacrosse, track and field, Student Coalition, and the National Honor Society. She is looking forward to attending college in the fall of 2018 to major in exercise science.  Melissa says some advice for students taking Media and Journalism next year is to work hard and be proud of your work.  You learn so much about yourself and others; it is a great experience. 

Brendan O’Leary is currently a senior at Washingtonville High School.  He is a 3 year varsity basketball player and is looking forward to continue his career in college.  Basketball has been his passion for as long as he can remember and he is currently training for this upcoming season at Gymratz Performance.  Also, Brendan became a member of the Foreign Language Honor Society as a junior last year.  Brendan says, if you are a junior or underclassman and looking for an interesting class that is different from all others, definitely try to get a spot in BGTV for senior year; you won’t regret it!    

Jack Palmer is a senior at Washingtonville High School. He has been a part of the varsity swim and dive team and baseball team since his freshman year, and he plans to continue playing one of those sports in college. He is a captain of the swim team this year and hopes to lead the team to their first banner. He plans on majoring in Marketing and Sports Management at Providence College in the fall. He is extremely proud and happy to be a part of the BGTV family.

Samantha Pryde is a very involved senior at Washingtonville High School.  She is actively involved in the Masque and Mime Society, 4 Honor Societies, Community Service Club, and Ski Club.  One day she hopes to make the world a better place by teaching others the the importance of our environment and marine ecosystems.  Sam absolutely loves this class and all the challenges it puts forth.  Her advice to the underclassmen who wish to take this class is, don’t wait to sign up.  Sign up as soon as possible since there is a long waiting list.  It’s a lot of work but the end product is something that you will be proud of. 

Nicolette Smith is a senior at Washingtonville High School. Nicolette has been dancing for 15 years and has been a competitive dancer for 13 years at Encore Dance Center. She hopes to continue dancing on a college dance team. Nicolette is involved in school clubs such as, IDecide, Best Buddies, and Student Coalition. She wants to major in nursing, and she hopes to help as many people as she can. Nicolette’s advice for underclassmen that want to take this class is to definitely take it. She says that this class is the best class she has taken throughout high school. Nicolette believes the bonds she has made in this class are amazing. 

Dylan Spaulding is currently a senior at WHS.  He plans on attending SUNY Albany and majoring in Homeland Security.  His pride and passion is playing football.  He has been in the Washingtonville football program for 12 years.  Sadly, this past fall, his football career came to an end, but Dylan has big plans for joining another team.  This is the greatest team on the face of the Earth: The United States Army.  He will never forget the countless memories at WHS. 

Kelly Tom is a Senior at Washingtonville High school. She is involved in Special Olympics, Best Buddies, Students Coalition, and Wizards Against Cancer. She is also the treasurer of Yearbook club and NAHS. Kelly likes to read, dance, and spend time with her family and friends. She also loves being with her little brother and being a part of BGTV.

Erin Wilson is a senior at Washingtonville High School.  Here, she is the boys’ and girls’ throw captain, where she specializes in weight and hammer throw.  She is involved in the National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, iDecide, Student Coalition, and Peer Tutoring.  On her spare time, Erin enjoys playing her instruments, the clarinet and bass clarinet, while also reading books as much as she can. In the future, Erin is going to attend Monmouth University, competing in Track & Field.  Here, she will be getting a degree in History with a minor in Elementary Education in hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher. 



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