Thursday, January 10, 2019



When people think of Wizard Nation, who is the first person that comes to their minds? Usually, it is someone who is kind, respectful, and involved in the school.  If no one comes to mind,  just take a look at the Wizard of the Month program that Washingtonville High School has started called,“Pride, Passion, Purpose.”

It is actually not that difficult to achieve this prestigious accolade. The Wizard of the Month is nominated by someone in the school that believes their candidate illustrates all the characteristics of a true Wizard. One senior is chosen, one underclassman in any grade, and two staff members. The people who are voted “Wizards of the Month” truly represent kindness, achievements, and, most importantly, portray what an ideal Wizard is supposed to be.  

It is also not difficult to nominate someone for this distinction. If a Wizard wants to nominate someone, all he or she needs to do is fill out the required form on the high school website located under the announcements. Simply put the name of the person that is being nominated, their grade, if they are a staff member or student, your name and why that candidate deserves special recognition.  It’s that simple!

Now most people are probably wondering what the Wizard of the Month will be getting out of this deal. If voted Wizard of the Month, the recipient will receive a Wizard Nation t-shirt, a lunch with fellow recipients and Mr. Connolly on the last Wizard Wednesday of the month.  Also, an added bonus for any senior who wins this position, is the fact that he or she will also receive a reserved parking spot for that entire month! 

Mr. Connolly, principal of WHS and creator of this initiative, is extremely excited about this new program.  He excitedly expressed, “I really wanted to recognize students that not only excel in their academics and extracurriculars, but also school pride and other aspects that make Washingtonville special.  These things can sometimes go unnoticed.” Sometimes good students aren’t always recognized because they don’t necessarily participate in the more popular programs at WHS, but Mr. Connolly and other staff members wanted people throughout our school to be appreciated no matter what activities they participate in.  

Overall, a Wizard just has to be compassionate, determined, and prideful of where they came from and that is what this program is here to help accomplish.  There are many people in our community that represent what a true Wizard is and now they can be recognized and appreciated with the Wizard of the Month initiative.  If  you know someone who truly embodies what a Wizard should be, nominate them for the Wizard of the Month!

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