Thursday, January 10, 2019



Famously known as the Superintendent of Schools, Roy Reese is the big boss of Washingtonville High School and all schools in the area of Washingtonville. Although he sounds intimidating, there’s more to him than an important titles of all schools. He helps out stressed students by bringing his dogs to calm the mood of the students.  Roy’s dogs bring comfort and joy to people’s faces.

Why do the dogs care for the students well being? You could assume that dogs are considered the most social pets, but did you know that Mr. Reese’s dogs are certified therapy dogs? They are similar  to service dogs, although both dogs go through different training regiments and pick up divergent habits or traits a person is conducting.  

Often, the pets need to be re-certified and renewed every year. The tests for the animals can be extremely difficult, although all three of Roy’s dogs persevere and pass to help people in need! Mr. Reese’s dogs can detect a student’s anxiety and will quickly trot its way over to the troubled individual. Like any affectionate dog, it’ll rub its fluffy fur against concerned student as the anxiety and worries they had once obtained dissolve into nothing. 

The name of the three musketeers of Washingtonville are Tucker (Australian Mix), Toro (Husky), and Minnie (Border Collie-mix). Although the trio has been brought  into Washingtonville, they’ve also travelled to different schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice homes, as well as assisted living areas. 

The activities Mr. Reese undertakes with the dogs keep the man busy. The male used to own a pack of five to seven dogs although, as time has passed, the animals passed away. Despite this, Roy has a deep connection with his dogs and states that he can “speak dog." How interesting that the superintendent is famously known in his position, but not about his dogs and communicative ability with them.  Roy is just more than his famous position in office.  He’s a friend and an intelligent man to learn from, and has the heart of a saint. 

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