Thursday, January 10, 2019



A movement has spread across Washingtonville High School: the new hydro flask trend. A hydro flask is vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle. This unique bottle keeps the beverage inside hot or cold for hours on end.  How did it all begin?

The creator of this invention is a company called Hydro Flask and it is located in Bend, Oregon. It was founded in 2009, when they launched the first ever all insulated bottle line up into the market. By 2011, the company had already reached one million sales, which was only just the beginning. The company also supports multiple non-profit organizations that promote eco-friendly causes such as the Pacific Crest Trail Association. Hydro Flask donated 25,000 dollars to this worthy cause that helps preserve and protect the Pacific Crest Trail located in California.

The most popular container is the bottle, which comes in multiple colors and sizes, although there are other containers that have a variety of colors as well. In fact, consumers can even customize a container if they’d like. The customization of the hydro flasks consists of mix matching different colors, lids, and sizes. 

Students from all grades seem to be acquiring these bottles. Whether it is because they have become trendy or just the convenience of keeping beverages at a single temperature, they sure are gaining popularity. Two notable teams have also shown a liking to these canisters here at WHS, the swim and track team.

Julia Laquidara, a senior on the girls swimming team, stated that “All the seniors received matching hydro flasks with the school colors on them. I always wanted them and it was really cool that they made that one of our senior gifts. Now I can show my Wizard pride while keeping my beverages cool.” 

Hydro flasks can also show an even more personal side of owners by adding stickers, an activity that the track team does. “We trade stickers with each other and if we’re at big meets we can get them signed by famous athletes. It may sound corny but it’s like being able to carry a story around with you. Every sticker and signature has a memory tied to it that I know I’ll never forget,” said Elizabeth Kocienda. 

Keeping a drink warm or cold is crucial, especially during a long school day or workout. Overall, hydro flasks have many aspects that consumers can benefit from. As the year progresses look out for new designs!

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