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Elizabeth Allegro has been excited to join BGTV ever since she was a freshman. At WHS, she is a part of many clubs including Student Coalition and the Wizard’s Against Cancer Club. She is also the secretary for the senior class. Outside of school, Elizabeth spends many hours at her dance studio, New Generation Dance in Blooming Grove. Now that she is a senior, she is looking forward to a year of making memories with her friends and fellow Wizards, attempting to avoid senioritis and making the most out of her final year at WHS.  Although she is sad that high school is coming to an end, she is looking forward to further pursuing her interests and new opportunities in college.  

Jesse Barringer, now a Senior at Washingtonville High School, has anticipated joining the BGTV news team since his introduction to the weekly news episodes nearly four years ago. After his introduction to the film program last year, his drive to see the both beloved and praised ‘Blue and Gold Television’ become a beacon of enlightenment and true craftsmanship throughout the Washingtonville Central School District, enhanced. He hopes to pursue a filmmaking career after High School, and study and major in the Cinematic Arts.

Jewel Calabro, a senior at Washingtonville High School, loves to dance, produce videos, and hangout with friends and family.  All her life she has danced at Joanne's Dance Studio (now New Generation Dance). She not only learned how to dance, but how to truly perform. This helped her in her junior year when she joined the filmmaking class. She directed, produced, edited, and performed in every film. This caused her to join the Journalism and Media class because of her love of filmmaking. She hopes to pursue this passion in college as a major and to work in the film industry one day.

Senior, Britney Caligiuri is 17 years old. Outside of school, she spends most of her hours on the track. Her personality is goofy, she has a lot of energy and is always there for her friends. She enjoys media and photography so she finds that BGTV interests is the a perfect fit for her. Outside of school she is very athletic and independent. Although sometimes she feels like giving up, that is not the person she was born to be. She strives for success. Her dream is to further her running career in college, and to better herself as an individual daily. She is committed to striving with her school work, while being the best runner she can be. She may have put years of hard work into her career as a runner, but this is just her beginning.

Senior, Jade Curtis, has desired from the time she was a freshman to be a part of BGTV. Now that she’s joined the crew, she is nothing less than impressed. Outside of class she is an actively involved member of the school and community. She is a member of Student Coalition, she is Secretary for the Community Service Club, and she is a member of both Foreign Language Honor Society and National Honor Society. As senior year is upon us, she is eager to make new memories with her friends and thoroughly enjoy her last year of high school. She is very excited for what the future holds! #GoWizards

Chrissy Diaz, 2018's first anchor on BGTV, is mostly known for her big smile and her kind personality. On her free time she enjoys being a part of the cast in the musicals and helping out in the community. Chrissy also loves Italian food.

Gianna Dugan is a senior at Washingtonville High School that enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has lived in the town of Washingtonville her entire life and is extremely proud to be a Wizard. She loves participating in community and school events and giving a helping hand wherever and whenever one is needed. Some of Gianna’s hobbies include cheering, dancing, sleeping, and procrastinating. Joining BGTV has been a great decision and experience for Gianna overall so far, and she cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for her. She is hoping her last year at WHS is just as eventful and memorable as her previous three years and maybe even better!

Meghan Field’s favorite sport is lacrosse; she loves to play it.  Her favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys and everybody knows she’s a die-hard fan.  She’s such a bubbly person and life makes her happy. The best part of the day for her is being able to socialize with her friends after school.  She loves to hang out with her friends whenever she gets the chance as they make her life complete.

Amanda Fowler is a WHS senior who has been actively involved in the Washingtonville community. She is a member of the United Cultures Club, Wizards against cancer club, treasurer of Foreign Language Honor Society as well the captain of the Orange County Soccer Club. She also enjoys being upfront in the student section, showing her school pride and spirit. She loves that she is able to be a part of the BGTV class and represent WHS. Her friends and family know her has kind, caring, and funny.

Emma Garguilo has been excited to join BGTV ever since she watched her first episode as a freshman. During her time at WHS she has been a part of many clubs and sports like recycling club, National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, basketball, softball, indoor track and cross country. Outside of school, Emma spends most of her time coaching little league as well as travel softball. She hopes to make new friends and strengthen relationships during her final year at WHS.  Now that she is a senior, she is looking to enjoy it and focus on living in the moment and trying not to develop “senioritis." Although it is her last year at Washingtonville as a student Emma will never forget, “Once a Wizard Always a Wizard."

Brooke Hartley, a senior at Washingtonville High School, has always looked forward to every Thursday afternoon for a new BGTV show ever since her freshman year. She is ecstatic, to say the least, about being one of the very few selected into the class. She has been incredibly involved throughout Washingtonville in and outside of the school. Some of her favorite things that she has involved herself in throughout these past four years were volleyball, softball, student coalition, and Idecide. One thing that Brooke wants to accomplish this year is making it one to remember. Cherishing everyday with her friends and family, while still focusing not just on the present but the future as well. As Brooke kisses her four years at WHS away, she wants to be remembered as a leader and companion, but most importantly, a friend. 

Danielle Imperato is a senior at Washingtonville High School who is involved with many clubs and sports. She is proud to be a part of National Honor Society, Safe School Ambassadors, IDecide and the volleyball team. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family while making unforgettable memories. Danielle was very eager to join the BGTV class ever since she entered the high school. She is very excited to see what her future holds after life in WHS. 

Madison Kaufman, a senior at Washingtonville High School, has watched BGTV episodes since she was a freshman, waiting for the day where she would be one of the many students representing Blue and Gold Television. She is very involved with the school through various sports and clubs. She is part of the softball and volleyball team, along with the  student coalition club and IDecide. She hopes to continue to get up on time for school and avoid as many calls from attendance as possible. She insists on making this year the best year yet, making sure to take lots of pictures and creating unforgettable memories with family, and friends. Although it is her last year as a Washingtonville Wizard, she is excited for what the future holds and is eager to open new doors at college. 

Azaria Keith, a senior at Washingtonville High School, has been a Wizard since the third grade and has been proud to be ever since. Azaria is always striving to do her best work while providing people with help along the way.  She is involved in many clubs such as the National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society and student coalition. Her passion is soccer and she has been playing ever since she became a Wizard. She decided to join BGTV because when she was a freshman she wanted to play a bigger part in her school and felt that this class was the perfect way to do that. In this last year as a Washingtonville Wizard, she will make unforgettable memories and begin to unfold her exciting future. 

Kelly Kennedy is so excited to be a part of BGTV this year, as she’s been looking forward to this since she was a freshman. Through her last four years at WHS, Kelly has been involved in lots of activities such as Varsity Cross Country, Track and Field, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and much more. She enjoys running, creating art, and spending time with friends and family. Kelly hopes to make the most of her last year at WHS, and hopefully not develop the dreaded “senioritis.” In her future, Kelly looks forward to going to college to study communications and journalism, but she will never forget the amazing memories she made here at WHS.

Elizabeth Kocienda, a Washingtonville High School senior, is part of the Washingtonville cross country team and the girls’ track and field team, helping teach and guide the young athletes/throwers around her. Sports have always been a major part of Izzy’s life and will continue to be through college. Outside of athletics, Izzy is actively involved within the National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, and Safe School Ambassadors. She is also President of the Washingtonville Community Service Club, seeking to help the people around her. In the future, Izzy hopes to study biomedical science and continue to throw javelin/run track in college.

George Lanzot III is a senior at Washingtonville HS. He's been going to Washingtonville since sixth grade. He proudly plays  Varsity Hockey for the WHIC(Washingtonville Ice Hockey Club). Other activities he enjoys are sports, video games, photography, and he loves talking about interesting topics with other people! Since it's his last year in Washingtonville, why not explore and join the community one last time?

No, this isn’t a picture of Brad Pitt. This is Ethan Loyola, a senior at Washingtonville High School and a member of BGTV. He only smiles on occasion, and he always wears a blue hoodie. He plays basketball, runs track and hangs out with his friends. Sometimes homework gets squeezed in if there’s time. 

Starting off her senior year, Jamie Marando is excited to be on the BGTV team because of her love for photography and cinematography. Through high school, she’s been involved with countless music groups on multiple instruments, and is affiliated with three colleges for music. In school, she’s a part of the Foreign Language Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and is a second year officer of the National Music Honor Society (Tri-M). Aside from music, Jamie is a leader in St. Mary’s youth groups and assists teachers in religious education. As a senior, she is looking forward to snowboarding and finishing up her high school experience with her tenth year playing lacrosse for Washingtonville.

Daniela Raymond is a WHS Senior that has been a part of the cross country and outdoor track team. Her teammates describe her as hardworking and passionate about the sport. Even though she moved here freshman year, she couldn’t wait to get immersed into different activities. She is also involved in of Foreign Language Honor Society, Wizards Against Cancer Club, United Cultures Club, and Community Service Club. Throughout high school, she has been actively involved in the community as well as school activities. Being a part of BGTV is something Daniela has always dreamed of; she brings her hard work and drive to the classroom and makes everyone around her do the same. She is very excited to start the next chapter of her life after she graduates.

Dillon Sullivan is a senior at Washingtonville High School, and is excited to be a part of BGTV this year. He is a very busy man as he is a part of many clubs and sports at school. Dillon is on the football team and the basketball team, as well as the Vice President of Student Coalition. He loves to procrastinate and mess around, and just be a clown whenever possible. Dillon has enjoyed high school so far and is excited to finish out senior year and start a new chapter in his life when he goes off to college.  

Alex Theofanides has awaited being in BGTV for four years. She is a senior this year, and along with the rest of her peers in the class, she is beyond excited for the year of hard work ahead of her. She also participates in NAHS, NEHS, and literary magazine. She’s very artistically driven but wishes to pursue a career in the medical field. She is sad to see that her time here in Washingtonville is coming to end after living here her whole life, but she is excited for the new chapter in her life. 

Arianna Tice is a talented girl who is very passionate about dancing, singing, and acting. Ari is a cheerleader in WHS and a dancer. In addition to loving dance and cheer, Ari loves eating sushi! Whenever she has free time, she enjoys spending it with her friends and family.

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