Wednesday, May 24, 2017



As the season of spring sports comes to an end, a recap of some of those sports seems fitting.  The season highlights from baseball, and girls’ and boys’ lacrosse were pretty impressive and worthy of review.

The boys’ lacrosse team had a season record of three wins and nine losses.  Last year, the boys lacrosse team made it to sections for the first time in a long time.  This year they were, unfortunately, not able to do the same perhaps as a result of the very young boys they are comprised of.  There are only a two seniors leading the team: Dylan Sanchez and Carlos Penaherrera. Their three wins came from beating Wallkill, Newburgh Free Academy, and Roosevelt.  Admirably, Dylan Sanchez, senior captain, was able to lead the team in scoring, averaging five goals a game.  The team was able to finish 3385 in the nation and 381 in New York State.  

Baseball had a record of three wins and seventeen losses this season.  When asked about his favorite memory of the season, Sam Sosa, senior captain, responded with, “I would have to say Jack Wild hitting a home-run to give us a comfortable lead against Newburgh.”  This team was also very young with only a few seniors.  The baseball team was able to finish the season ranked 10703 nationally and 517 in New York State.

The girls’ lacrosse team ended their season with an impressive six wins and eight losses.  They were able to win the last four of their games, which included their senior game against the Middletown Middies.  Bella Cosentino reflected on her favorite memory of this season.  She recalled, “Winning the senior game was probably the best part of this season; it was amazing to win our last home game.”  The girls’ lacrosse team finished 2054 nationally and 255 in New York State.  

With the offseason approaching, good luck to every team next year.  Congratulations to all the teams on a season well done.  



Each year, the Special Olympics team of the Washingtonville Central School District participates at the annual Special Olympics at West Point. The whole Hudson Valley is invited to spend a day watching the athletes compete for bronze, silver and gold medals. It is truly one of the best days of the year.

On the big day, each athlete is assigned their own West Point cadet who follows him or her around to every event and the medal ceremonies. There are many track and field events that happen throughout the day such as  the standing long jump, softball throw, running long jump, and relay races.  These events help students with different strengths and weaknesses become more  athletic and prove that they can accomplish anything. 

The Special Olympics team trains for this event every Wednesday after school at Washingtonville Middle School.  Anyone is welcome to join the team and help train the athletes. It is a great way to help others and to be active at the same time. The team practices outside, weather permitted, but in the winter things have to be changed up a bit. The coaches come up with creative ways to still keep the athletes active and motivated. These activities range from building lego structures to scavenger hunts. The team works hard at all of these practices which helps to ensure that they will bring home the medals they covet.

Kirsten Reid, a senior at Washingtonville, helps out with the team each year and is a huge role model for the athletes. “I think the Special Olympics is an absolutely wonderful event that brings people together from all over Orange County. As I graduate from high school this year, I plan on attending SUNY Orange.  Hopefully I will, yet again, be at the Special Olympics event next year cheering on our athletes.”  Kirsten was beaming with pride as she discussed how she has helped out the team for so many years.  Her plans to continue to show her support throughout the next couple of years is truly inspirational.

There were many Washingtonville Wizards who went out and supported the athletes. Each athlete came home with medals, memories and lots of smiles.  Keelan Toro, Kaylah Ramos and Chad Jackson exceeded in the turbo javelin event. Tara Zecchini, Morgan McCue, Marisela Colangelo, Billy Herndon, Nick Ganzer and Kristina Girton amazed everyone with their softball throws. Last, but certainly not least, Danny Kostycz did an outstanding job in the standing long jump event. 

Washingtonville has never been so proud of these student athletes. The athletes came back to school and showed off their very impressive medals, which truly shows how greatly impacted each student was by this day.  The Special Olympics continues to leave an impact on many lives and hopefully more Wizards will participate in next year’s event. Congratulations to all of the athletes and good luck in all of your future endeavors. 

Ask Alyssa: An Advice Column by Alyssa Jin

Dear Alyssa:

How do I get into my dream college?

-College Dreamer

Dear Dreamer:

College seems to be the focal point of a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety these days. This is completely understandable. Although I can’t really give you an exact answer that will, for sure, get you into your dream college, I can give you tips that might help out. 

Obviously, grades are a huge factor in this. Any college you look at is going to take into consideration how well you did and how you applied yourself throughout high school; some will be more critical than others. However, there are plenty of other things you can do to boost your chances of getting accepted to that dream school.

One thing that is super important when applying to college is having a well balanced resume. Colleges want to see that you were involved in your community and in your high school. They want to see that you volunteered your time to make a difference and that you were passionate and genuine about doing do. If you have the time, I would definitely suggest devoting some of it to a good cause because it can only help your chances.

Something else that may end up boosting your chances of getting accepted to your dream school is applying early. If you are 100% positive that you want to go to this particular college because it truly is your dream, then applying early decision is a smart idea for you. Your willingness to commit yourself to their school so far in advance will make you stand out for sure. If you aren’t sure enough about committing to an early decision application, then there is another option you may want to consider: early action. Early action is simply applying to the college at an earlier date than most applicants, and, in turn,  receiving an earlier decision from them. This is a very good option that will result in helping you figure things out sooner.

Again, I can’t give you one piece of advice that will surely get you into your dream college. All I can say is, continue to apply yourself, get involved, and work hard.  I wish you luck in your college process!
Yours Truly, 
Dear Alyssa:

I’m really anxious about all of my upcoming exams.  How do I juggle all of my school work and still stay sane?

-Feeling Swamped

Dear Swamped,

This time of year is filled with so many emotions due to a number of events and end of the year assessments. It can feel super exciting but, at the same time, very overwhelming. We have reached that time of year where school work and projects are due left and right. It’s also time to start studying for regents and upcoming final exams.  Factor in events such as prom, banquet and graduation, and it is no wonder you are feeling swamped!

Although it can be extremely difficult to juggle all of these things, try your best to not let the stress consume you.  Time management plays a huge role in this. Setting study times where you will focus on a certain subject is really helpful. Each day, set a time range that you can focus strictly on your school work with absolutely no distractions.  Put your phone away! Within a few days, it will become a routine. Although this is probably going to be your main focus for the next few weeks, don’t forget to make time for yourself. It’s so important to devote time in your day to relaxing or doing something that you enjoy.  This is how you will stay sane. 

All in all, this time of year is stressful, but you are not alone. It may not seem like it now, but this will actually help you later in life. You’ll learn the importance of time management and how to calm yourself down when you’re feeling overwhelmed like this. Good luck on your exams.  I know you will do well!
Yours Truly, 

Thursday, May 18, 2017



Spreading kindness and love throughout the community is something that Sophia Molinari has always enjoyed. Sophia, along with her mother, Christine, were moved by an inspirational way to spread these acts of kindness and wanted to bring it into their own community. 

On April 19th, Sophia and Christine were in their basement and started to paint rocks they had purchased. They painted a tribute or picture on the front of each of the stones along with a little saying on the back that was connected to the front image. The back of the rock also included their facebook page, “Kindness Rocks in Our Community”.  These rocks were meant to spread kindness and, hopefully, get the whole community involved in spreading the love. 

After hiding the rocks around the town, people and businesses began to find them and post pictures of them to the facebook page. The rocks that were found could either be hidden again, kept, or people could even be inspired to paint their own rocks to hide.  Sophia and Christine hid their works of art at businesses such as Betty’s Country Kitchen, Weirs, The New York Performing Arts Center, and Nailed It Hardware Store.  To help spread their act of kindness, the owner of Betty’s gave the family who found the rock hidden at their store a free meal along a $20 gift certificate.  That family hid the rock once again for another family to find, this spreading the love.

These special rocks have also been placed in random places throughout New York and New Jersey. Sophia and Christine have received messages from as far away as Australia because people have been so inspired by the concept.

Christine expressed that she had good reason for wanting to help her daughter with her mission.  “One of the main reasons was for my daughters to have a sense of community and to boost Sophia’s confidence. I wanted to give her something to help her be more like herself and to help her give back to the community and the area.”

Sophia is vivacious and filled with kindness which means these rocks were meant to represent what she loves. “I like it because almost everyone knows about it and we’re gaining more followers on our facebook page. I also like it because more people know who I am. It is really fun because it makes me happy and I like scavenger hunts and hiding things.”  Clearly, Sophia is thankful to be able to a part of such a wonderful opportunity. 

This is the first year that Sophia and Christine have started this wonderful act, and hopefully within a couple of months, more and more people will be inspired to spread their own acts of kindness. In total, they painted over 150 rocks and about 30 of them have already been discovered. Keep an eye out for these rocks throughout the town and inspire others to paint their own.  Let’s keep the tradition alive and help Sophia spread the love. 



This past Monday, May 15th, the Washingtonville Board of Education hosted their annual awards night for those who were recognized and chosen for the esteemed Board of Education Award. Each person who won this prestigious honor was nominated by a member, or multiple members, of the district.

There were fifteen winners of the night ranging from all three elementary schools, the middle school and the high school. Within the high school itself, there were five recipients: guidance counselor and former teacher Mrs. Lynch; guidance counselor, Mrs.Davis; physical trainer, John Kosowicz; the director of food services, Robert Gellman; and Football Coach and Head of Security, John Delgardo. 

Known by all as “Trainer John,” John Kosowicz is someone athletes can always depend on. Whether it’s hanging out in his office before and during practice or while he’s helping with an injury, Trainer John is truly there for his kids. Presenting his award was head football coach, Don Clark. He expressed, “John has done a phenomenal job during his tenure here in a lot of different ways, but it is probably most affected due to the trust he is able to build with our athletes, parents and coaches. John is truly our first line of defense in the evaluation of player injury, and does a wonderful job conveying serious injury with possible rehabilitation processes to our athletes as well to their parents. His expertise and knowledge has been a value to everyone involved in our athletic program…”  Many athletes from Washingtonville agree that Trainer John has helped them stay healthy and recover from injuries while also fostering a friendship with Trainer John.

Head of security at WHS, John Delgardo, is another man who has the ability to establish friendships with any athlete, student or staff member he comes across.  John Delgardo is known for connecting with students and offering them guidance.  Vice Principal, Mr. Salamone, revealed, “There are a million things we can say about John Delgardo.  I’d really like to bring up that he builds relationships with our students.  All of our students know that if they have a problem, he is available to them, and you can see this on any given day when you walk through the halls of our high school, especially during lunches.  You can always see a flock of students coming to John Delgado looking for some type of counseling, information or just to talk to somebody. He's dedicated.  I’ve never once have had a situation come up where John has said, ‘No, I’m sorry. I can't do that.’ Not only does he always respond, he's always the first to respond. If there's something going on in this building that shouldn't be happening, I know John is going to come flying around that corner.”  Mr. Salamone went on to say, “He is very humble; he never wants any of the credit…” As both a coach and security guard, John Delgardo has helped many athletes and students while growing friendships with them over the years.

The Board of Education Award for Accomplishment is a meaningful award to give to the people in our district schools who have had a positive impact on either our students, staff, or the community as a whole.       



Lizmari Pena-Perez is undisputedly one of the hardest working and dedicated seniors at Washingtonville High School, so it came as no surprise when it was announced that she would be the valedictorian of the graduating class of 2017.   This particular class is academically competitive, so this is an extremely impressive title to hold.  

Perhaps something that is equally as impressive as being awarded the honor of valedictorian is the fact that Lizmari will be attending Columbia University next fall. With a drive like no other, Liz is the only graduate of this year’s senior class to be attending an ivy league college and the community could not be more proud.   It is not uncommon to hear shouts of “COLUMBIA LIZ!” when Lizmari is walking through the halls of Wizard Nation. 

Liz entered high school with the mindset of working to the best of her abilities in order to achieve her goals while also having a positive impact on the school as a whole. In addition to academics, it was important for Liz to create special bonds with her friends to ensure that her high school experience was enjoyable.  Moreover, Liz wanted her family to be proud of her and her accomplishments. Liz is thankful for her family and friends who have played prominent roles in her success. They have always been there to support her. 

Liz has always aspired to go to Columbia University; it has been her dream from a young age.  She plans to major in biology and hopes to become a pediatrician one day. She expressed the special connection between her family and the university.  “My cousin, who completed both her undergraduate and law education at Columbia, cherished her moments at this university.  She inspired me to believe that if I worked diligently, Columbia would prepare me for a career as a pediatrician.”  When Liz first visited Columbia, she felt at home.  Liz describes it as, “a dream come true” that she gets to further her education at Columbia University. 

Becoming valedictorian is no easy task, but Liz managed to reach that goal and so many others.  The late nights and often feeling as if wanted to give up only made her stronger.   She never gave up on the notion of being number one in the class.  At graduation, Liz will be making a speech to the audience as the valedictorian. The class of 2017 can expect to hear a beautiful speech about “the various aspects of my life that encouraged and supported me to accomplish all of my lifelong dreams.”  Congratulations to Lizmari;  Washingtonville can’t wait to see all she will accomplish next.



This past Tuesday, May 16th, the Washingtonville girls’ lacrosse team had their senior game against the Middletown Middie Bears. The girls have six seniors graduating this year: Bella Cosentino, Hailey Schneider, Kate Annesi, Jaclyn Barillaro, Jill Donlon, and Aislinn Mcaleer.  

The Wizards were able to stay ahead for almost the entire game.  Bella Cosentino and Taylor Amato had a majority of the goals for the Wizards.   Nate Sorenson, a spectator and avid lacrosse fan, had this to say boy the girls’ performance.  “I think they are playing really well together. They are really moving the ball around proficiently.”   

The Wizards were playing very cohesively as a team and were able to move the ball around without an abundance of problems or turnovers.  They were also able to flawlessly create shot opportunities and their passing allowed them to obtain fast breaks.  The Wizards were able to win the game with a close score of 7-6.  

What makes this win special, is that it was the senior girls’ last home game.  Bella Cosentino, senior captain of the team, was pleased with the overall performance of her team.  She claimed, “It feels good to win the last home game of our high school careers in front of all of our supporters.”   

The girls are ranked high both nationally and on the state level. They have an away game on Wednesday, May 17th, against Newburgh Free Academy.  Come out and show your support.

Ask Alyssa: An Advice Column By Alyssa Jin

Dear Alyssa,
How did you decide what college was right for you?
-Concerned About the Future

Dear Concerned,

For many people, choosing a college can be a very stressful and time consuming process. After all, you’re picking the place you will call your new home.  This is the place where you will spend some of the best years of your life.

When you’re making this decision, it’s important to think about the big picture. You have to figure out what kind of things you want in a college, but also what things you definitely don’t want. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to be far from home, it obviously wouldn’t make sense for you to choose somewhere across the country. Distance should play a huge role in your college decision. It may not seem like a significant issue now, but think about all the times you may want to come home.  The cost will surely add up.

You should also pay attention to the surrounding area of your chosen college.  What types of establishments are in the vicinity? If you’re not someone who enjoys a big city, then you probably don’t want to be at a college located in the middle of, say,  New York City.  If you want more of a college-town feel, then you should look at schools that meet that criteria.

Another really important criteria to consider is the size of the campus.  In my case,  I had to think about how different the class sizes would be at each school. Would I be okay with walking into a 300 person lecture hall? Or would I rather be in a 30 person classroom? No matter how cool a school may seem, you ultimately have to do what’s going to be right for you. 

The last, and perhaps most important, factor in all of this, is the price. College is an investment. You have to think about how much you’re willing to spend and how it will affect you in the future. For some, community college is the smartest plan for them. They will save a ton of money, and miss out on the debt that the rest of us will likely inherit. If price isn’t a big factor in your decision-making process, then you can rely on all of the  other variables when making your decision. 

Overall, there are a lot of things to consider when making this tough decision. You can’t predict the future and, quite often, things don’t work out the way you planned. That being said, sometimes they do. It’s a stressful time to make this decision, but you have to remember that things will work out in the end.  Whatever you choose, as long as you go in with an open mind and positive attitude, I’m sure you will be happy.     

Yours Truly,

Dear Alyssa,
Where can students find scholarship opportunities?
-Scholarship Curious

Dear Curious,

One of the smartest things that college-bound students can do is apply for scholarships. Although a painstaking process, it is one that will certainly pay off in the end. 

The whole college process is a stressful one. It can seem very overwhelming to people when so much is happening all at once. For me, it was very hard to finally sit myself down and take the time to do it.  

The guidance office here at the high school provides you with ample information regarding scholarships. Once you take it up with your guidance counselor, he or she will provide you with multiple websites and resources that can steer you in the right direction. 

Another place you can look is the guidance office page on our school website. This page has multiple scholarships to apply for and all for different activities. Case in point, if you are a WHS cheerleader or football player, there is a scholarship specifically for you. If you were a part of a certain club, like Student Coalition, there is a scholarship specifically for you. You will be astonished by all of the different and very specific options out there!There is nothing to lose when applying for a scholarship; it will only benefit you.

Applying for scholarships does take a great deal of time. The best thing to do is pick a day to sit down and really look at them.  You will need to invest your time.  However, writing a simple essay could result in a $500 scholarship, so your investment will pay off in the long run.  

Another factor to consider is that the majority of the scholarships you will apply for will consist of prompts that are closely related.  Many times, I found myself writing very similar essays for several different scholarships; I was repeating most of the things I had already written. I’d suggest writing one really strong essay, and then using that as a model for the others. Work smarter, not harder.

I encourage you to utilize the resources given to you and make the most out of these opportunities. As I said before, the only thing you can do is benefit from this. 

Yours Truly, 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ask Alyssa: An Advice Column By Alyssa Jin

Dear Alyssa
I want to cut bangs and dye my hair but I’m scared of what my friends will think.
-Hair Probs

Dear Probs:

Change can be a very scary thing, especially when you’re in high school. Teenagers tend to focus too much on what others are going to think about them, and that’s normal. I think that a lot of times we look at what others are doing, and think we need to be like them in order to fit in.

When I think of hair, I think of it as a way to express yourself- any way you want to. Whether you’re dying your hair blue, or just getting bangs, what matters is that you like it and feel confident in it. The amazing thing about hair is that if you don’t like it, you can always change it again. If you know that you want to take this leap with your hair, then don’t let what your friends “might” think, get in the way of that.

Maybe your friends will love your hair, and maybe they won’t. Regardless, you can’t stress about things that might, or might not, happen. If your friends are really your friends, they won’t care what your hair looks like. True friends will support your change and care that you are happy. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in high school, it’s that you can’t please everyone. Once you start doing things for yourself and forgetting about everyone else, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. I hope you gain the courage to do this, too. 

Yours Truly,
Dear Alyssa,
I’m new to this school and I am painfully shy. How can I make friends? 
-The New Kid in School

Dear New Kid,

This topic is one that, although I haven’t experienced myself, I can imagine is very scary. Being new to anything can be difficult. Adjusting to something you aren't used to is definitely not an easy thing, in fact, it takes a great deal of courage. 

I completely understand your shyness, especially with this huge change. I, myself, am a pretty shy person and am never one to approach people first. I think one of the biggest things in trying to make new friends is to look approachable. If you don’t come off friendly, people aren’t going to think you want to be their friend. I’d suggest striking up conversations with the people you sit next to in your classes. Perhaps you could even ask them if you can sit with them at lunch, so you can meet some more people. I know it’s intimidating to put yourself out there, but you really don’t have anything to lose.

Another way people tend to make friends is through joining a sports team or club. Obviously, I don’t know if you play any sports, but if you do, or are thinking about playing one, definitely try out. Some of my best friends are ones that I’ve made because of a sport’s team. With the fall season coming up, team meetings are usually at the end of the school year.  Go to one! This will give you a chance to meet the players.  Once you do,  try to keep in touch with them and practice over the summer. 

Now, if you aren’t into sports, Washingtonville is home to many other clubs you can get involved with. For example, Masque & Mime is an extremely popular club here. Working with like-minded students each day to put on a show, you are sure to make a bunch friends.  

When you’re trying to make friends, I think the most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself. Don’t try to change yourself or cater to other people’s likes and dislikes just because you want them to be your friend.  I’m sure you will meet the right friends in no time, as long as you’re willing to put yourself out there.  We welcome you to Wizard Nation and hope you feel right at home in no time!
Yours Truly,

Thursday, May 11, 2017



The long-awaited beautification project is now in full force here in the village of Washingtonville. The goal of this project is to attract people that live in Washingtonville along with people from other communities to be a part of a town that has so much to offer. Community members would like to give Washingtonville a family-friendly environment so all members of  the community can have fun. 

Washingtonville High School student and community member, Taylor Hackett, presented her ideas about the beautification project. “Our plan is to establish a family friendly persona throughout our village where there is always something to do and somewhere to go.”  She also explained her own proposal.  “We proposed the construction of a gazebo and a dog park in the first phase. In the following phase, we plan on building an enjoyable children’s park using property that was, unfortunately, destroyed by previous hurricanes.” 

As part of the beautification process, old election signs will be reused for information and beautification pop up art.  The creation of a  possible mural was suggested by local, Jamie Sanin.  She encouraged other community members to come up with some ideas for future art projects.  With an abundance of talented artists in our very own schools, it should not be difficult to generate amazing pieces that will be sure to make the town even more beautiful than it already is.
Many upcoming events are going to have people excited to come back to the village of Washingtonville for plenty of entertainment. For instance, Washingtonville’s very own Community Day and Color Run, which will be taking place on July 22, are going to be sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. The Color Run is a 5k beginning at 10am.  The route is still to be determined.  Community Day is a day filled with amusement for the entire community.  There will be entertainment, vendors serving popcorn and hotdogs, and the Ice Mother might even make an appearance.  

Another exciting event the members of the community are looking forward to is a Concert series.  Steve Goldman, a concert creator, is coordinating a Summer Concert Series to be held at Vern Allen Park with a movie night component.  Everyone is working together to create a wonderful Washingtonville. 



It’s that time of year again.  Washingtonville High School’s Masque and Mime had their highly anticipated final performance of the year known as the Cabaret Dinner Theater. In anticipation of the event, students in Masque and Mime picked their favorite musical theater songs to perform while the audience enjoyed a delicious meal. 

This year’s Tuesday dinner was a bit different than previous years. Instead of the usual fancy meal, the club provided a more affordable dinner where  guests were treated with salad, breadsticks, pizza and ice cream for a cost of only $12.  On Wednesday night, the more traditional Cabaret Night that Masque and Mime is used to took place.  For $23 the audience received dinner rolls, salad,  chicken piccata, asparagus, roasted potatoes, and cheesecake. Despite the price, people appeared to be more than willing to pay the extra money considering they knew they would be served an amazing meal and see some amazing performances.   

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, the talented performers of Masque and Mime amazed the crowds, yet again. It has been twenty five years since Mrs. Davis began been directing shows at Washingtonville High School, so the show opened up with a song from the very first show she directed for Masque and Mime: Jubilation T. Cornpone from Lil Abner. Then, they closed out the show with the beloved Spread the Love Around from Sister Act, the play they performed this March. With songs from musicals like Hairspray, Wicked, Les Miserables, Hamilton, A Chorus Line, and many more, the cafeteria was booming with excitement. 

Seniors performed for the last time as part of Masque and Mime. Whether they performed solos, duets, small group numbers or just performed in the large group numbers, it was a fantastic two nights.  Seniors finally got to sign the wall backstage which they have wanted to do since they were freshmen, joining the famous signatures that have been left there for years upon years. Seniors also received their medals and shared their future plans with the audience. “It was really great sharing the stage with my friends one last time,” senior Ashley Tuske said describing the night and the feelings she had about her very last bow. 

The night was a huge success; the audience and the performers had huge smiles on their faces the entire night. The Masque and Mime Society would like to thank everyone for coming out to see their last performance of the 2017 school year. 



The Washingtonville Wizards girls’ lacrosse team had a home game this Wednesday, May 10th, against the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Rough Riders.  This season, The FDR Rough Riders have a record of four wins and ten losses.  The Washingtonville Wizards have a record of two wins and ten losses.  These two teams are ranked pretty closely both nationally and on the state level.  The FDR Rough Riders are ranked 2,090 nationally and 261 in New York State.  The Washingtonville Wizards are ranked 2,208 nationally and 266 in New York State.  

The FDR Rough Riders are coming off a win from Newburgh Free Academy, with a score of 16-5.  The Washingtonville Wizards are definitely looking to get their third win of the season.  I was able to ask Bella Cosentino, girls’ varsity lacrosse captain, how she felt about the game.  She eagerly responded by saying, “The team and I feel good and confident.  We just have to go out there and play lacrosse and we should come out with the win.”  

The Wizards were able to beat The Rough Riders with a score of 8-3.  Throughout the entire game, the Wizards seemed like they were in control.  John Steinmann, a spectator and huge lacrosse fan, said, “It was nice to see the team control the tempo of the game and to have possession for a majority of the game.”  

This statement is true.  Over the past few games, the Wizards seemed to be playing more on the defensive side.  During this past game, however, they did a magnificent job of stealing the ball away from their opponents.  Most of the goals were scored by senior captain, Bella Cosentino, and junior, Taylor Amato.  The girls also played very well defensively only allowing three goals from their adversaries.  

The Wizards next game is May 13th, against O’Neill in Highland Falls at 8:00 am.  The Wizards also have their senior game on Monday, May 15th, against The Middletown Middie Bears at 4:00 pm.  This should be a big turnout because the team has 6 senior players.  Go out and support the girls.  



This past Friday, May 5th, Washingtonville High School hosted its 6th annual Hope Ball Tournament.  The night was filled with fast paced dodge ball, laughter and fun.  Most importantly, the tournament was able to raise money for a Washingtonville family in need.

Hope Ball is a an annual charity dodgeball tournament where all students are encouraged to come out and participate. The tournament takes place inside the high school gymnasium which is split it into two courts to keep a good flow.  Teams must consist of three boys and three girls, or in some cases, a fourth boy or girl.  The games are officiated by principal, Mr. Connolly and vice principal, Mr. Salamone.  Also, for the first time in dodgeball history,  they instituted the one loss elimination rule because there were so many teams signed up to play. 

The tournament started in 2012 when a group of seniors came together to raise money for a fellow student and the student's family. Hope Ball has only increased in popularity over the past few years. Students get very excited to get their friends together and create matching uniforms.  

With this year being a win or go home situation, every team had to be on their game for each of their best of three series. No team wanted to lose in the first round and have to watch from the sidelines, but it was difficult to keep winning every round. However, if teams  wanted to be crowned the champions, that's exactly what they had to do. 

Throughout the tournament there were close games, blowouts, and even upsets. As the night progressed games got more and more intense going to the third and last game of the series almost every time.  Of course, with any type of team competition, there were favored teams. 

The Average Joeys, with captain Joey Delgardo, was definitely one of the more favored teams within the entire tournament, but a tragic fall from the team leader forced a second round elimination.  When reflecting on his injury, Joey claimed, “Well, winning the first round was  quick and easy. We knew from there that we were going to make it to the finals because we were a dominating team. In the second round, I hurt my knee which was extremely painful at the time but, after that, we lost which was disappointing because I couldn't do anything about it.  We all still performed well and we know who the real champs would have been.” Even after seeing the results of the tournament, Joey stayed confident that his team would have taken home the title. 

Erich Keutmann and his squad weren’t really looked at as championship contenders. After being asked if he expected to be a dominant team and how it felt winning it all Keutmann said, “Well, we knew we were going to be a good team and that we were going to play some tough teams, but I didn't think we were going to win it all.  It was definitely fun winning it all especially since it was all our last year and it goes to a good cause which is important, too.”  

With a team of only seniors winning it all, their final match had to have been a great accomplishment.  We hope that Hope Ball continues to grow even bigger in the years to come  so it can keep the fun and school spirit alive while donating to a great cause.

Thursday, May 4, 2017



Monday, May 1st was National Decision Day.  It is a day to celebrate high school seniors who have decided which college they will attend.  This year, the class of 2017 decided to add a little twist to this yearly tradition.

The senior class officers came up with the idea to hold a potluck dinner for the class of 2017.  Instead of celebrating only the students who have decided to choose the college path, they wanted to include all seniors.  It was a night to celebrate all decisions; some students plan to serve their country, some will enter into the work force and some might even take a year off to travel.  The night was planned and coordinated by class officers Carly Sacco (President), Lizmari Pena-Perez (Vice President), Kristen Fothergill (Treasurer) and Heather Raleigh (Secretary), along with the class advisors, Mr. Clough and Mrs. Connolly, who made her famous “award winning” chili.

It was an amazing time for seniors enjoying dinner and dessert brought by the students while laughing with their friends and taking pictures together in the shirts representing their future. President Carly Sacco shared her thoughts about the event, “I think the event went really well. A lot of people came and there was an assortment of foods and desserts. Also, everyone took some good photos and I think everyone enjoyed just hanging out with their friends and eating food.”  You could see the excitement radiating off every senior, as they prepared to embark on their next journey. 

The class of 2017 is going to do extraordinary things. They are a class with a bond like no other. Looking around the large cafeteria and seeing the smiles and celebrating, it was obvious that the students of the class 0f 2017 all get along and care about each other.  The dinner was a way to get seniors together and remind them of this bond. During a speech that was made by Mr. Clough and Mrs. Connolly, Mr. Clough told the class, “This has been a phenomenal group, a group I love being a part of… thank you for letting me be a part of your crazy lives for the last four years.”  

Thank you to everyone who came out to the dinner and brought a dish! The officers and advisors greatly appreciate your coming out to celebrate with them.  Good luck to the class of 2017.  You will all succeed in whatever you choose to do!