Thursday, January 10, 2019



A cool delightful breeze whistles up against your skin, the sun cocoons your body in a shell of snuggly padded toastiness, and your lungs rejuvenate with fresh air from the scent of new pavement, and freshly cut grass. You relieve your body of it’s permanently secured sitting position, and let out a fulfilling stretch of your sore, car transfixed muscles. Your mother and father hand you a box or two from the trunk of the car as you begin walking towards a building, not just any building: the building which contains the room where you will spend the next four years of your life. You have reached your destination. You have just begun college.

Isn’t that such a nice image? We all think about our first day of our college experience and hope that it can begin as memorable and perfect as that. Now let’s step into reality, and discuss what it will cost to actually get to this moment.  How much money will have to be raised, spent, or loaned to finally experience that moment. Is it stressful thinking of a way to financially construct that moment leading to the prosperous path of the college experience?  If you don’t know how you are going to pay for college, or aren’t happy with your current way of paying for college, you should know there is a much more viable solution to your financial problem.

For decades students have attempted, and in many cases acquired paying for their college degree through the notorious format of scholarship grants. The problem is, these limitless educational cash grabs are inconceivably difficult to find. Students will spend days upon days searching for scholarships with most of them having limitations they cannot possibly hope to qualify for. What ends up happening, according to Christopher Grey, the CEO of Scholly, is, “You have students drowning in debt and scholarships that go unawarded. The system is broken.”  Is there really no practical solution to the madness experienced by so many college applicants all over the world?

Well, strap in, buckle up, and get ready for a sweet smooth ride on the primrose path to educational ecstasy, as we take a financial journey to the scholarship promised land.

Forget the once atrociously awful application process towards scholarships one would question they actually qualify for. Now with the obligingly accommodating service known as “Scholly,” as seen on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, students finally have a legitimate way of finding scholarships they personally qualify for. As of January 7th, 2019, “Scholly has helped students win over $100 million in scholarships and aided many in reducing their debt.” (The Philadelphia Tribune). By computing basic and meticulously specific information, Scholly uses categories and complex algorithms to match multiple qualifying scholarships within a matter of minutes. Once received, students can immediately begin the scholarship application process without all of the searching, and with all of the filtering and control you desire.

Scholarships have the opportunity to be the quintessential source of paying for college. If the application process is not done right, they can be incredibly stressful and immensely discouraging. With the help of Scholly, for the outstandingly low price of $2.99 a month, students can now eliminate the once impossible task of the infamous scholarship search by answering a few questions, getting their results, and clicking “Apply Now." 

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