Thursday, December 7, 2017



The Washingtonville boys’ varsity basketball team started their season off just as planned: winning their first game on the road against Port Jervis with a score of 65-50.  The gymnasium was packed with fans and spectators as they got their first glance at the team’s talent and effort as both teams battled hard.  Next, the Wizards have one of their toughest opponents ahead of them on Thursday December 7th  as they prepare to face off against Newburgh Free Academy. This is also the first time the Wizards will get to play on their own stomping grounds this season.

Not unlike previous years, Newburgh is a team that is full of skilled, athletic, and very quick players.  Key returning players for NFA include forward, Sam Clark, and guard, Izzy Williams, who both score in transition efficiently and love to run up and down the court.  This year’s Newburgh team clearly displays talent, but as shown last year, was not strong enough to take down the Wizards.  In the Section 9 quarterfinal playoff game, Washingtonville held on and slightly outworked a powerful team, barely outscoring them with a final of 53-51.  

When asked about how Washingtonville plans to handle the pressure and intensity Newburgh is expected to bring, Coach Todd Rose responded by stating, “We need to dictate the tempo of the game from the very start.  This will be a tightly played and close game the whole way, but I am confident that we simply have a better team than they do.”  Going into this game with confidence yet poise and composure, the Wizards have been preparing to face a Newburgh team that will bring a high level of intensity and speed that the team has been working on handling.

Going into the season underrated and overlooked, Washingtonville is looking forward to making this game a strong statement, proving that they are the team to beat in Section 9.  Important players coming off great opening performances include senior guards, Brendan O’Leary and Ryan Johnson, while junior Kareem Lubin controlled the paint down low.  O’Leary and Lubin scored efficiently while Johnson was a force on defense, turning attempted passes into steals commonly resulting in a basket for the Wizards.

Sophomore guard, Ryan Graham, surprised many by providing a spark off the bench scoring 10 points on only 5 attempts from the field.  Ryan explained, “I think we can beat NFA off basket cuts and driving to the basket since they often over deny.  If we can stop them from pushing the ball, we will be successful.”  

Expect the gym to be crowded and full of excitement as the Wizards take on the Newburgh team that is hungry for revenge and a victory.

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