Thursday, December 7, 2017



Everyone knows how hard it can be to find valuable, yet inexpensive gifts for loved ones during the holiday season.  However, the Round Hill Parent Teacher Association (PTA) does a spectacular job making sure that people of all ages can achieve this mammoth goal.  The Round Hill Holiday Boutique gives students and their families the chance to find exceptional gifts at incredibly reasonable prices.

For many years, the Round Hill PTA has been putting on a holiday boutique at the elementary school.  This event is held during the school day for the elementary school aged children and extends its hours into the night so that family members can also take advantage of the spectacular deals.  This event definitely did not fail to satisfy the families of the community. 

The Round Hill PTA made sure that money would not be a problem for their customers; the items displayed for purchase ranged from 75 cents to 15 dollars.  

It takes an immense amount of time and dedication to pull off an amazing event like this.  Elaine Perri, President of the Round Hill PTA, states that the preparation is “ongoing since September...[the PTA] has to keep in contact with vendors to get everything.”

The boutique is always an enormous hit, as the students enjoy picking out presents for their friends while also “getting things for [their] family,” as Frankie Warner, second grader, confessed.  Every present displayed is carefully picked out by the PTA, as they “make sure the gifts are not just something that will go home and be broken,” added Elaine Perri.  

From jewelry to stuffed animals, there are gifts for people of all ages to truly enjoy.  Jackson DeAlva, a preschool student in Washingtonville, proclaimed that his favorite thing to get was  “the light-up pens.”  Elaine Perri expressed that it’s amazing to see “kids looking at gifts and thinking, ‘Oh, my mom would like that!’”  This event elucidates the fact that the children are thinking about others rather than themselves.

The boutique lasted throughout the week of December 3rd, giving the children and parents more chances to buy those simple, yet important gifts for the holidays.  The Round Hill PTA organizes important events all throughout the school year, and the holiday season is a great time to see them in action.

No one should have difficulty finding or having to pay for gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season.  The Round Hill Holiday Boutique has been doing an unbelievable job making sure that no one will have to face these difficulties during such a joyful time.

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