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Since the colonization of America, Boston has been a city rich with culture.  It is the home of the Boston Tea Party, the first U.S. chocolate factory, and the first public beach.  Perhaps what makes Boston so unique are the activities people can participate in such as walking the Freedom Trail or watching the Red Sox play on their home field at Fenway Park.  Mrs. Angelillo and Mrs. Polo, advisors of Student Coalition, are giving members of their club the opportunity to experience this famous city. 

The Student Coalition Club at Washingtonville High School is one that lends a hand to benefit the school.  Students involved run the school store and concession stands at sporting events, and participate in fundraisers throughout the school year.  The club works together to improve the school by doing community service and helping people in need.  

At the end of every school year, the members of Student Coalition are given the chance to go on a trip  somewhere in the United States for a few days as a way of giving back to the students for putting in community service and working to improve the school.  The trip must be deemed both educational and fun.  Two years ago, the club went to Virginia and last year Washington D.C.  In order to be able to go on the end of the year trip, students must have completed their required community service hours.  

Mrs. Angelillo and Mrs. Polo
Senior, Jacklyn Sutter, has been going on Student Coalition trips since her sophomore year.  When asked about why she enjoys taking the trips with her classmates and teachers, she responded by saying she enjoys going on them “to see as much of the world as possible and having new experiences with fun people.”  Jacklyn also stated that she encourages students to be part of the club because it gives students the ability to “help out the school and also go on a fun trip towards the end of the year with friends.”  

This coming May, the club is making their way to Boston, Massachusetts.  The itinerary for this trip includes eating dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, touring historic Boston, going to the Salem Witch Museum, bowling, and even going to Six Flags in New England.  There is a $100 deposit due January 12, 2018, which secures a spot on the trip.  The entire cost of the trip is $525.  Going on this trip is a way to spend time with friends and learn some history about Boston while still having fun.  

Students who aren’t members of the club can always join and, as long as they have community service hours and participate in the club for the remainder of the year, have a good shot at going on the next trip.  

Student Coalition meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month and they usually take place in the small cafeteria.  For students who are interested, there are permission slips in the office.  Get ready for a weekend of fun!  

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