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Most students love to get their school yearbooks year after year.  They enjoy looking at their friends’ school pictures and having their favorite teachers sign it. What most probably don’t know is how much time and effort to takes to make this treasured keepsake behind the scenes.  

The yearbook club works extremely hard to complete the book that students wait for each year. Every picture and name in alphabetical order, every teacher and staff member, every team sport, and even pictures of different activities throughout the year are all included into one book.  The design of the the cover and every page is all done in this club by fellow students of WHS. 

Sometimes students underestimate what it takes to create the yearbook.  The club needs a variety of staff members to meet these expectations.  From editor to photographers, all members play a crucial role in this club.  Mrs. Bac, the club advisor stated, “I really don’t have a role in the club.  I’m more of a supervisor than an advisor.  It’s the kids that make the magic happen.”  This  elucidates the fact that there really isn’t any work done to the book by adults; the yearbook is solely created  by the students. The students are the ones to make the book into something much more special; it is something to reflect back on through the rest of a Wizard’s life.

During the club meetings,  students simply walk in and do their jobs as there are no extended deadlines. Everything has to be completed on time with no questions asked. In addition, everything has to be submitted for the book orders to begin.  Sports editor, Maya Diaz, stated, “There is no better feeling than ordering a yearbook and being able to reflect on what you’ve created.” She also talked about how they are working with a company to incorporate their app into the book. This app allows students to open it and hold their phones over certain pictures.  It will then play a video of the moment the picture represents.

There are 13 members that participate in this club. They all play different, yet important roles. These roles range from editor in chief to  marketing editor.  There are also different students that take the pictures and help with the layout and design of the book.  Editor in chief of the club, Brendan Pardo, stated, “The reason I joined yearbook is because I wanted to give something back, something physical and something someone can hold.”  The members of this club are proud to be able to give something so meaningful to their school and their peers. 

The yearbook club is more than just a stressful job.  It is a club that proves how dedication, responsibility, and hard work truly pay off in the end.  This club is definitely important to the school and to all of its students because it makes the book that becomes a memory of the passing years, and for the seniors’ last year of high school.  

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