Friday, December 15, 2017



With the holiday season upon us, if one were to ask another what he or she was thankful for, the generic, albeit true, answer would probably sound something like friends, family, and health.  Occasionally, there will be those who believe the best part about the holiday season is receiving gifts.  Unfortunately, there are those in our community that will not know the feeling of opening bright packages this season.  This year, the Washingtonville Track and Field hoped to make this tradition a reality for families in our community that needed some uplifting this holiday season.

In order to organize this event strategically, the girls and boys divided into groups of approximately five students and worked to fill baskets with the needs and wants of  specific families in mind.  Coach Michael White Sr. explained how the event came about by sharing, “We have good friends who decided to do something to brighten the lives of families who are living in temporary housing in Newburgh and we knew it was something our team could help with.”  The recipients of the families that will be receiving these baskets are currently homeless.  The members of the track and field team wanted to be a part of something meaningful and knew they had to help in some way.

The girls' team captain Ashley Moskowitz, a junior, explains the process of making the baskets.  Both teams were given a list of items that a family in need could benefit from.  The list contained various items such as food, snacks, toys, activities (for all ages), and practical or personal items.  All of these gifts were strategically loaded into laundry baskets.  Once finished, each group decorated the baskets with tinsel, bows, and all things festive and bright.

This event not only benefits those who truly need it this holiday season, but it also brings the team together through team bonding.  As each group plans what to buy, goes out shopping together, makes the basket, then decorates it, they are actually forming bonds and unifying as a team.  It also teaches teammates the importance of working together while making each of them feel good inside.  

According to Coach White, “The coaching staff is so proud of the way our team rose to the occasion to help families in need.  The selfless generosity they showed is just awesome to witness and exemplifies what makes the Wizards unique.”  

Ashley Moskowitz could not agree with this more, “I think everyone deserves to have something special for the holidays.  To be able to do something nice like this is what the season is all about so I personally like to be able to help any way I can and these baskets are the perfect opportunity.”

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