Tuesday, November 22, 2016



This past week was the start of a brand new season for our Washingtonville wrestlers. For the next two weeks, the boys will be working very hard to be ready for their first meet on November 29th.  The game is at home against Monticello at 7 pm. 

A wrestling match is non-stop movement with opponents trying to overpower and outlast each other.  The sport takes a great deal of heart, hard work, and a tremendous amount of dedication. Making weight every week and keeping up with physical condition and overall performance is quite possibly the most difficult part of being a wrestler. 

                                       JOHN POVEROMO FOR WIZARD WEEKLY
Upon sitting down with Varsity Captain Brandon Bobe, I discovered how the wrestlers have been getting ready for their meet and the upcoming season. Brandon responded, “We’ve been doing a lot of pre-season lifting and running as well as wrestling all summer long.  We work hard every day and remind each other that our hard work will pay off.” 

As a team they’re looking forward to achieving great goals, “Our goal as a team is to get over 22 wins because that is the best record in Washingtonville history so we are trying to break that. We also want to win Wizard Duals (an annual tournament Washingtonville holds for towns to come and compete) and also place in the top 4 in the section this year as team. My personal goals are to get my 100th varsity win and be in the top 3 all time wins for Washingtonville.  I want to be a 4 time Section 9 placer, become a 3 time varsity captain and become a Section 9 Champion.”   

We hope the boys can achieve their team and personal goals as their season officially starts in two weeks, so come out November 29th at 7 pm to show some support for our wrestlers.  Good Luck Wizards!

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